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Dive into the allure of our new collection, where elegance meets Tuscan craftsmanship. For you, footwear that embodies a unique style and the quality of genuine Made in Italy.

Spring/Summer '23

Made in Italy

Each piece from our collections is born and takes shape in the vibrant heart of Italian craftsmanship, Tuscany. We meticulously oversee every step in the production of our leather shoes and accessories, ensuring that each item carries the seal of authentic Made in Italy.


Calzoleria Toscana stands for nothing less than excellence. Our shoes are the outcome of a meticulous selection of top-tier materials. Thanks to the expertise of our internal footwear specialists, we choose only the finest leathers to ensure products of unmatched perfection.


Calzoleria Toscana stands out as an authentic emblem of excellence in the landscape of Italian shoemaking craftsmanship. Every single one of our creations is the fruit of skilled, meticulous and attentively supervised handwork, conducted with sheer passion and dedication.

Calzoleria Toscana

Tradition, Innovation, Style

In our range, you'll find a broad selection of styles, from casual models to more refined ones. Each creation comes to life following the traditional methods of Tuscan craftsmanship. We proudly affirm that every single component of our shoes is Italian-sourced, solidifying our dedication to a truly 100% Made in Italy. We handle and treat the leather directly in our workshops, with a team of experienced professionals specialized in the manufacturing and leather industry.

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We hand-assemble our shoes using a range of sophisticated techniques, including Blake stitching, the Cemented method, and much more. Over the years, we have been able to refine our footwear in both quality and quantity, a result made possible thanks to the dedication of our technicians who carefully select the highest quality and most precious raw materials every day.

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A life entirely dedicated to crafting unique shoes,
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Our story begins in 1958 when Luciano Bettaccini starts producing artisanal footwear, carrying forward the traditions of the time within a family setting. In 1977, the company gets organized, growing exponentially thanks to the contribution of grandsons Enrico and Paolo, together with other family members and trusted collaborators, becoming a leader in the leather footwear sector.

Our lines, Calzoleria Toscana and Rosso Fiorentino, represent the beating heart of our company, embodying a perfect fusion between the passion, commitment and dedication we invest in shoemaking and investments in advanced technology and stylistic research, always keeping the spirit of Tuscan craftsmanship alive.

The artisanal wisdom, inherited from generation to generation, finds expression in our creations: original products, born from hard work and meticulous attention, which give our footwear a distinctive touch of elegance and uniqueness.

Each of our creations uses quality Italian materials, which is why we proudly proclaim that our shoes represent the essence of the most authentic Made in Italy.

All our shoes, produced with artisan techniques in the heart of Tuscany, thanks to their superior quality, add a timeless touch of elegance to any outfit.

Over the years, we have continued to improve our footwear in terms of both quality and quantity, thanks to the passion, commitment and dedication of our team, alongside investments in state-of-the-art machinery and stylistic research, always honoring the spirit of Tuscan craftsmanship.

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